Hi, Babes!

I am a published photographer from Phoenix, AZ. Although I have spent most of my life in the desert, nothing makes me happier than traveling, being outside enjoying fresh air, beautiful scenery and going on adventures. I have family in Atlanta, so I often find myself ending up there.

I finished college with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in 2017 and after graduating, I ended up taking a little hiatus. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my photography after that. It was difficult to find the passion again. So I took some time to work on myself and explore other areas of life, ultimately ending up starting a YouTube channel and quickly gaining an audience of over 18K Followers and over 1.5 Million views on Youtube.

Through this journey, I've learned the importance of self love, and trusting your own intuition when it comes to living the life of your dreams. Full of love, not fear. Full of confidence, not insecurities. Through this everlasting journey, I have seen before my very eyes, the impact that I have been able to make on other women with my craft. Self-portraits helped me fall back in love with photography AND with myself. After all, what is the meaning of life, if you can't love yourself along the way?...

I hope to continue showing other women that even if you are not the "typical" *cough cough* outdated beauty standard, that you are still SEXY AS FUCK!!! and you don't ever have to apologize for it! We are all made to stand out babes! That is why the universe made us all unique.

Now let's make some bomb ass art! <3

xoxo YJ



“I really loved working with Jade! She was so professional and made sure that I felt comfortable the entire time. I would def recommend her for any creative work because she is so talented, kind and her work is incredible.”